Nearly Beloved

A podcast about dating reality tv shows, for the feminists who love them. Most recently providing The Bachelor Australia 2020 recap lols. Rated 5* on Apple Podcasts.

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Lucy May and Karen Pickering
Your co-hosts are Lucy May and Karen Pickering. We talk about dating shows like The Bachelor Australia, Married At First Sight, The Bachelorette and more as a way of thinking about our whole culture’s obsession with romance, coupledom and the idea of The One... and we also squeal over actual sweet things and THE DRAMA! Nearly Beloved has been hailed as one of the best funny female podcasts out there, according to Lucy's mum. See you at the altar!

Rated 5* on Apple

outred, 11/02/2020
The perfect mix of hilarity and intelligent social commentary all rolled into one juicy podcast to quench your water cooler thirst.
Anonamoose444, 11/02/2020
Honestly why else is anyone watching garbage fire reality tv like MAFS. Get this in your ears
Bellorama4, 11/02/2020
Come swim in the bin juice with us!
A hilarious, smart, fun, feminist take on the trash.
Joanna Caravan, 11/02/2020
A smart and funny analysis of MAFS from a hilarious duo
If you feel shame or discomfort watching Married At First Sight, this show will make it all better.
SofiaDorker, 11/02/2020
Funny and smart
Enjoying the feminist fan approach to dating shows and the friendship between the hosts. More please
sundayarvo, 11/02/2020
Hilarious new podcast on the “bin juice” of Aussie reality TV
Super funny and highly entertaining!

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